Top Six Tips to Prepare for a Sailing Holiday on Azimut Yacht

If you have already been on a sailing holiday, then you must be aware of how people are attracted to sailing on blue waters. Going on a sailing vacation is a privilege as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy amid white sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and exploring untrodden islands and bays at your own convenience.

When it comes to planning a yachting trip on Azimut yachts for sale, it is not as easy as sailing. Choosing the location and determining the itinerary and the islands to explore is a tough task. Here are 10 tips which you must consider looking at prior to planning your sailing journey.


This is the ultimate mantra when it comes to the luggage to be taken on your sailing trip. This is because of the limited storage space on a yacht. Going for a sailing trip is a casual activity; hence when it comes to clothing you will simply need shorts, t-shirts or bathing suits. Go for duffle bags which accommodate a lot of clothing and easily can go under your bed.

Documents, Currency, and Plastic Money:

Though they are the most basic things they are the most important ones. Double check your passport, its copy (at a separate place in case you lose your original passport), your charter package paperwork, credit cards, ATM card, and cash. Almost all cafes accept credit cards but some of them might accept only cash. If you plan to use your credit card, then inform the company in advance as they might block your card seeing withdrawals from strange locations.

Go with the Right Clothes:

Though you will be wearing your swimwear most of the time, while on your sailing trip on Azimut yacht for sale, you will need some dress trousers and shirts when dining in fine class restaurants. The number of clothes you take on your trip depends on the duration of the journey. Also, take with you a pair of long sleeves and windproof jacket to keep yourself warm on chilly nights.

Don't Go Without Sandals and Walking Shoes:

You will mostly be wearing flip-flops on the trip. However, you will need a good pair of walking shoes while visiting a club or some fancy restaurant.

Shield Your Skin From Sun

Keep your skin protected from the sun. Go for 50+ sunscreen and wide hats. Sunglasses, a baseball cap, and sunburn soothers are a must-have on every sailing trip.

Keep The First-Aid Kit Ready

Small emergencies sometimes ruin long vacations on Azimut yachts for sale. Carry your prescribed medications with you. Though all yachts have a first-aid kit aboard, you should keep a small pouch of Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, NSAID pain relievers, medicines to tackle seasickness and diarrhea, and a small can of bug spray always with you.

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